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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Craig Finn Tour: Leg 3.8

The drive up from WV was except that it was 250+ miles. Q is the man. Period. A Wing Man, to be exact. We dumped bags and got to the venue earlier than expected so we caught a beer at Spike Hill. I had a Bitburger and it was delicious. Pleasant little hang, that bar.

My wonderful fiance came up to NYC for the few days before CF & SG went to Europe and right after soundcheck we had dinner in the neighborhood. Sweetwater is a quaint little restaurant (of which there are myriads in NYC) on N. 6th with a small menu and indifferent table service. We ordered delicious calamari as an app and Peronis for beverages. She and I got different steaks, which were both great. Her fries came out kinda soggy and cold and my kale was cooked nearly perfectly. Bartropolis joined us and had a pasta dish which he thought was pretty good. We got the vibe that they wanted to turn over our table so we left. They only took cash and Master Card. WTF? What's the deal with bars and restaurants in New York not being more accommodating when it comes to payment. It seems to me that practically every bar and restaurant in Austin accepts most major forms of payment. The only cash only place I knew of was Maria's Taco X-press and even they now accept plastic. Get with the program, New York. Aren't you, like, the leader of fashion, business, cuisine, etc…? Guess nobody's perfect.

The MHOW show was awesome. Flat out awesome. Up on the big stage with the killer sound system and packed crowd, James said he felt like Adrian Vandenburg of Whitesnake. I felt more like Karl Mueller. Played well, had tons of fun, packed up and split for Vinegar Hill.

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