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Friday, March 9, 2012

Craig Finn Tour: Leg 3.7

Nashville. It was good to visit Middle Tennessee again. The venue we played was the new, third venue in the Cannery Row complex called the High Watt. It is nice that they have a freight elevator because like Mercy Lounge, it's on the second floor. Before the show I changed my strings for the first time on a couple of years. I don't think I've changed them since the Spring tour with Tim Easton in 2009. It was soon after that tour that I put the tele in the closet and started playing the Ric exclusively. Boy, those strings were shot. If the bass had stayed in Austin's climate, the strings may have lasted a while longer. But due to all of the climate changes we went through, those guys got stretched out beyond belief. The show at the High Watt was fine. I had a breakthrough on "Once You Roll Over" which was nice. It took coming up with some busy lines to settle back into something different from but just as simple as the album take.
Yesterday, we drove 650 miles from Nashville to that little chicken wing flapper part of West Virginia that I-81 goes through. Tonight, Hipsters... Music Hall of Williamsburg.

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