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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Craig Finn Tour: Leg 3.9

Met back at the club at noon after eating a delicious, toasted poppy seed bagel with jalapeno cheddar from Bagelsmith. Jennie said their latte is good too. The horrible traffic ratfucked our drive to Philly but we still managed to get there in time. Froggered the load in to Milkboy and nearly gnawed off the neck of my bass I was so hungry. Ordered the wings and while they weren't traditional (didn't pass Q's test) I thought they were really good. Some of the best of the tour even.

The stage at Milkboy is on the second floor of the venue and sounded really warm once we fired up the jams. It was such a tight fit that Falcon played without a rack tom and I hardly moved an inch for either show. Stayed right at home. The first crowd was more mellow than the second but they were both great and both of our sets were fun. We did the first two legs' set at the early show and the third leg's set for the second set. Immediately after the show we separated our gear into piles of what was going to Europe and what was being put in the back of the waiting truck and be shipped back to Austin. I said goodbye to my GK and dummy checked myself. Our third vehicle, perhaps our rebound van after the sweet Sprinter that was repo'd from us after we loaded into Milkboy, was a stealth Ford (finally!!). Crashed at Comfort Inn and went back to Brooklyn the next day. US Tour, nice to know ya.

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