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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sky colored as some shade of bruise colored blue

Ah, the Eighties. Or do you prefer seeing the 80's?

What's your favorite song on Energy?


Henner, you ask? Allow me...

Two Sided Evening That Made The Dog Days Disappear.

Drive by the empty lot at Freedom Drive where The Pterodactyl once stood. Pass behind a shipping house and wind off into residential. Along that calm stretch of Tuckaseegee lived the town dirt. The richest soil in Mecklenburg and beyond. The kind of wealth where you're not even sure if it's cool to park at the cinderblock church across the street. Evidence confirms hallowed ground may have many south bending veins.

We were hanging around a lot that summer. No doubt skating and exploring its related much-funnities/no-goodities. Getting to the record stores to find out about gems like Another State of Mind and James At 16 had been our M.O. for a long time. Will had turned 21 that May and was in control of a sweet blue Toyota pickup. Cast aside in a fit of excitement, the city's intimdating veil had been withdrawn and we could fly down by 85 on Morehead, pass that soon-to-be mid-nineties (mid-90's?) coffeeshop and hold our breaths 'til the man tried to stop us.

With Lemmy because he plays with force. Throwing the bassline in a damn headlock every time. Everybody looks at him but no one's slowing down.

With Karl because he held down the stage. Honkytonk Mom was a Clam Dip outtake. #1.

We saw (ex-operation ivy) on the flyer and knew we had to go. One of the summer's top five decisions. Five times it may have been a great idea to ditch that car, but hindsight will never tell us for sure. We have to count on the memory of seeing Nuisance and Schlong at the Milestone on a late July evening. And as a duo, an equally fulfilling show with Jawbox and Helmet made a two night stint at the Milestone the finest introduction to the best live music had to offer.

Perhaps you disagree with the preceding chart? Are you not familiar with the relativity of that chart style? Axes of Decision. The title to Rush's 43rd album. About the kniving of the trees.