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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Craig Finn Tour: Leg 3.6

After Chapel Hill, we had a day off so we drove to Athens to chill. Holiday Inn, dawg. We had family dinner at Shokitini sushi and it was really good. Cut the ribbon on hand rolls and quail egg shooters. After dinner we stopped by Trappeze Pub for one of the three best American pilsners I've ever had Eurotrash Pilz. The other two being Trumer Pilz and Scrimshaw Pilsner.

Live Oak in Austin has a good one but it doesn't satisfy my need for true Czech-style qualities. Same with Victory Pilz. We spent the rest of the night at The Globe. Spaten lager and Bushmills, thank you very much. Back in the land of reasonable, if not cheap, drink prices. Q's old bandmate Kyle joined us for drinks and a van rage. Good times with Van Halen II.
Woke up and lollygagged until lunch at The Grit with Patterson Hood and Z-dog. I ordered the veggie plate and a glass of what turned out to be perfectly sweetened tea. The collard greens were outta this world, the mac n' cheese was safe and the green bean casserole was dry. Much to my disappointment, the biscuits were not fluffy, buttery, badassery. Instead, they seemed to be some kinda whole wheat/vegan biscuit which to me seems like a waste of time. I think I ordered wrong for the veggie plate. If I were to eat there again and stick with the greens, I would also order the steamed broccoli, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and cornbread. If I eat there again, and I very much hope that I do, I will also have to save room for a sampling of their extraordinary homemade dessert selection.
We made it to Atlanta with little traffic trouble and spent the rest of the night at The Earl. It was colder than well digger's ass in that venue and I didn't warm up until halfway through our set. Marcellus Hall sounded great and we had a really good set too. Scott Sheridan, a Four Star Crush bandmate of mine from my days in Tennessee, came out and we caught up after having not seen each other in many years. Cam also came down with his main squeeze and we caught up as much as possible before I took the stage. Thanks to them and everybody for making it a great night.
At the damn Holiday Inn, our television was broken, there was no shampoo in the room and the groundskeeping crew were weed eating at 7:45 am!!! What the hell? The whole idea behind Holiday Inn is that it's a place for people to sleep. 7:45!!! On the road to Nashville for a show at Mercy Lounge or something.

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