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Thursday, March 1, 2012

BBQ Rankings Redux

Franklin BBQ posted this link on their Facebook Social Networking Webpage:

I'm happy to say I've been to almost all of these places in my travels. The Memphis joints are the only ones I haven't been to on account of I've never been to Memphis. I don't really think Austin should be 5th nor should Rudy's be one of the reasons it's a ranked city. Although it's good, Rudy's is a chain and shouldn't be name checked. There are Rudy's all over the state...doesn't count. I think it even discounts the entire list a bit. Isn't Corky's a big chain too? I think I ate there in Monroe, LA. In reaction to this list, here's my revision:

1) Lockhart, TX
2) Lexington, NC
3) Kansas City, MO
4) St. Louis, MO
5) Memphis, TN (faith-based ranking)
6) Austin, TX
7) Nashville, TN

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