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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Craig Finn Tour: Leg 3.2

Boston. Haven't been back there in a while. I was psyched about it on the way into town because I have some good friends from there and that live there now. But good friends do not a good city make. We drove by CF's and Ricky's rented rooms from their academic days. So long ago. We got to the club and waited an excruciating two hours for the sound guy to get there. There was a strong stale beer smell and no green room so we we just sat there and drank.
My childhood friend Charlie Redd lives in Boston and owns a restuarant called Redd's in Rozzie. I really wanted to cab it over but because of the soundguy's tardiness, I just didn't have time. Maybe next time, Jolly.
Our show was pretty sweet, I thought. I feel good about the set and the night in general. We hauled ass at 1am and stayed in Hartford, CT. Got a good night's sleep and hit the road for NYC at noon. It's been snowing and raining the whole ride to Manhattan. Bummer. As soon as we get there I'm gonna truck over to an alteration shop and get some buttons sewn back onto my dad's Navy peacoat. The jacket is about 45 years old and in need of a little reinforcement. Soundcheck, delicious dinner, show, another show, Don Imus tomorrow morning, afternoon nap and Maxwell's in Hoboken tomorrow night. Intense 36 hours upon us.

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john said...

is it ok if i bring my new friend Jesus to the Dublin show ?