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Friday, March 2, 2012

Craig Finn Tour: Leg 3.3

The last 48 Hours have been a whirlwind. When I last wrote we driving through rain and snow to get to the Mercury Lounge in Manhattan. We got there 30 minutes early so I ran over to Orchard Street and got my jacket fixed. $16 later I was back out in the rain with reinforced buttons and one one pocket partially sewn shut. Good enough. After soundcheck, Some Guns caught a cab and went to Soba-ya. This place is the Japanese jam. We made it to Soba-Ya in time to order the early bird special. This menu item offers various delectable appetizers, hot soba soup with handmade Udon noodles, tempura fried shrimp and veggies, two rice egg roll lookin' things and amazing hot tea. I loved everything (except the egg roll thing) and couldn't get enough of the tea! The whole meal was perfect for the shitty, rainy, cold night that had befallen us.
That night we played two sold out shows at the Mercury Lounge. We had a long night ahead of us and since tying on a sweet buzz isn't a good way to stay awake, we crushed a case of Clausthaler NA. It satisfied the feel of drinking beer while jammin' AND it gave me a sweet headache. Though it may have been more heavily attended, the early show was the tamer of the two. Our 8pm start time is not heavy duty rock hour, instead it was kinda happy hour for a lot of New Yorkers like my cousin and good friends who all came from work. The folks at the later show were more pumped but not everyone who bought a ticket showed up so it wasn't quite as full. In my esteemed and well-informed opinion, both shows were great but the second show was better. But really, how do you pick a favorite child? Granted, I felt pretty stiff and uncomfortable for the first set but after our break, I think we all took on the second set with considerably more rage. I thought it was stellar.
After the show we packed up the van and got some killer slices before we headed to Times Square. Our schedule was to load in to the Don Imus show at 2am, soundcheck at 4:30am and then play four to six songs over the course of Imus' five hour show. Turns out, we soundchecked at 4:30 and didn't have to play until 7:20am. I fell asleep on a couch in the staff office/kitchen/green room but probably only for thirty minutes. For our first song, we jammed "New Friend Jesus" and it felt pretty damn good. An hour later, after meeting and talking to another guest on the show named Larry the Cable guy, we played three more songs. "Honolulu Blues," "Rented Room," and "Apollo Bay," were the tunes an they weren't in that order. Then we sat around the "green room" while we waited for that rotting corpse to finish his show. Click on the photo below to watch part of our performance:

We loaded out in the rain around 10am. The show provided loaders, or it was union or something, so I walked around the block looking for a hot dog to no avail. The only carts in operation were breakfast-y stands. Lame. So I took a few photos instead.

We headed out of town and checked into our hotel, getting about three hours of sleep before we had to get back up and go to Maxwell's in Hoboken. Rainy load-in, Freddy Krueger basement hang and a great crowd. Another sold out show, this time in the legendary Maxwell's. The cheeseburger was good too. The Hoboken PD decided to throw a boot on our van, the assholes. Q showed remarkable perseverance taking care of that issue and getting us home to bed safely. Woke up and drove to D.C. today. Other stuff happened but I'm not in the mood to write right now. Tomorrow I see my family and I return to the land from where I came. It'll be good to be back.

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