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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Craig Finn Tour: Leg 3.1

Shots from the beginning of Leg 3. Live At Drew's House.

We got a new ride and it is sweet to the maxx. We can open the doors from the inside and the windows are sealed shut. The seats are very comfortable and we don't have a trailer! There's a TV, xbox and ipod/music capabilities. Our road life is immensely better. We headed out for NJ through battery tunnel and some other tunnel. I wasn't paying attention because we were watching The Making of Pump. What an amazingly awesome and grotesque viewing experience? It's really hard to choose whether it really sucks or is really awesome, but then I reckon I don't have to choose. There's the world of Aerosmith and there's the world of Fugazi and I know to which I belong. It's pretty awesome the footage they got for that documentary, the interviews and studio takes. Pretty cool.
After checking into the hotel in Mahwah or Wahmah or some shit, we hit up the State Line Diner. This place had THE LARGEST MENU any of us had ever seen. There were too many choices, if that's possible. I mean, when you're hungry and you have too many choices it's more difficult than you'd expect. Have you been to Magnolia Cafe and had a hard time even deciding between breakfast and dinner? It was like that times twenty. I went for the Triple Decker Turkey Club, a diner staple and a hard-to-screw-up sandwich. I also had a piece of plain cheesecake that was more custard than cream cheese but good, nonetheless.
It took us a long time to find Drew's House, mainly because the address we were given was incorrect. This wasn't a bad thing though, the scenery was wonderful and we have a killer stereo. It was great to see a ton of East Coast granite out in this countryside. It was nostalgic for Q and I, him commenting that our surroundings looked like the suburbs of Atlanta and me thinking it looked like the suburbs of the entire Eastern Seaboard. Trees. Beautiful, tall trees and rolling hills.
Drew's House is an peculiar affair; remote location, minimal parking, precarious load-in, brightly lit and densely packed room. I have played many house parties and most of them are great after you settle in to the room's particular vibe. Drew's House was kinda tough because an NBC film crew was present and all up in our shit, documenting our show for a piece that Brian Williams is gonna do on a new evening show called Rock Center. I think the name has more to do with Rockefeller Center than rock music, but who knows. The cameraman told me it's an entertainment show for Wednesday nights that is being produced so that they'll have an investigative show that doesn't involve dead bodies. He told me he hasn't worked on a story without a dead body in three years. That is the crap they're throwing at us. Death, fear, crime, betrayal, inadequacies of justice, helplessness of the common man. Good luck, everyone. Chin up. Don't trust whitey.
OK, so, I had a rough start to the set. To say it was cramped in there would be redundant so I'll say that I have more room when I play on the front stage at the Hole in the Wall. I'm still crafting an interesting bassline for the verses of "Once You Roll Over" so I'll give myself a hall pass on that one. There needs to be some kind of separation between the verses and choruses so I'm in the process of changing the bedsheets. With "No Future," I have no excuse. Bush league. Darn TU-3. On Apollo Bay, I brought Birdland to the Cougartorium and turned a few experiments into pretty cool fills. We'll know for sure about all of this when we hear the recording they made. Though we only heard a snippet, it sounded great when they played it back over the PA. Regarding my evening, I reconciled my misgivings at 4:45am when I woke up from having already been asleep for 4.5 hours. Finally, I got back to sleep and woke up at 10:40am, having had one of the best nights of rest of the tour. Gonna need rest considering what's coming.
We're on our way to Boston right now. Sold out show at the Great Scott Theater. Allston, MA. Gonna drink some Guinnesses and go to mass while I'm in town. Maybe check out Tom Sholz Birthplace or the Larry Bird Memorial Aviary and Sculpture Garden.

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