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Monday, February 20, 2012

Craig Finn Tour: Leg 2, Part 1

Right now CF and Ricky are recording three songs on KCSN, California State University at Northridge radio. Very very nice studio and campus. There's a beautiful Orange Grove right across from where we're chillin. Modern architecture abounds, which is a nice change from East Coast brick or Southwest stucco & saltillo. Here's a couple of shots from the session and the orange grove.

Yesterday I flew into San Diego with Some Guns and got picked up curbside by CF & Q. Someone had to do laundry so we hung out at this small strip mall with laundry, burritos and a bar called Cherry Bomb. It reminded me of Casino El Camino. Then we met up with Tim from The Donkeys at Whistlestop in a cool looking' part of town called South Park. I abstained from the alcohol and instead got a cup of coffee from this freaker tweaker lady at a coffeeshop nearby. After a scenic tour around SD we made it to the club, load-in, soundcheck, yadda yadda. Mount Moriah showed up and did their thang. By this point I had lost my voice. I don't know why, just did. I could get Trumer Pils with drink tickets which was cool.

CF invited John Reis out to the show and I got to talk shop with one of my musical heroes. Guitar wizard, that one. On my list of favorite guitarists, it's basically John Reis, Edward Van Halen and Jimmy Page. Everyone else is in a pile under those guys. Really nice guy, Reis. He said there's a second Night Marchers album in the can that'll be coming out. We had a great show. CF and Some Guns picked up right where we left off, shitty tuner and all.

I woke up and had breakfast in the Patio Cafe, the diner inside the Sportman's lodge where we stayed. CBH, baby. After breakfast and some hot tea my voice started to return. Troubadour tonight.