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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Craig Finn Tour: Day Thirteen

Denver. Larimer Lounge. Last time I was here was with Grand Champeen for the first show of a west coast tour with Richmond Fontaine in 2000-who-the-hell-can-remember? I remember noting how they had won at having the worst bar bathroom ever. This time around, that door was locked and the restroom upstairs was delightful as James can attest. Ricky, Falcon and I had some awesome food for dinner at Billy's right down the street from the club. My bratwurst was delicious and Ricky's Chicago Dog with Salmon-for-meat looked great. Falcon ordered the totally badass Garlic Pesto Bleu Cheese French Fries that stopped us mid-sentence, then forced praiseful expletives from our stuffed gobs. Go there.
For the last show of the first leg of this tour, it couldn't have been better. The crowd was psyched and the stage sounded good, Some Guns was on it and CF let 'em have it. See you in San Diego. Five West Coast shows in six days. GO!

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