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Sunday, April 5, 2009


This week were the last session Jim and I are going to have for a couple of months.  On Tuesday, he's going out on tour for his job and by the time he gets back, I'll be out on tour with Tim Easton.  Knowing this was the case, we scheduled a percussion session with Bert and he RULED it!  We recorded percussion on eight songs and a new full kit for the bridge of "Flash In The Pan."  We got the kit overdub first and then blew through the other songs in a few hours.  Then we partook in yellow bellies and tequila out by the fire to celebrate near completion of tracking.
Two days later (yesterday), Jim and I had a vocal session for which I sang new leads on "On Your Own" and "Cashin' In The Dimes."  Actually, last night I think I decided to call the latter of those "Jar of Dimes."  Not that it matters much to you because you haven't heard it yet!  After that we roughed out the 11 songs for which we've completed tracking, leaving 3 to complete when we reconvene in June.  Between now and then, we'll be mixing and analyzing via internets and such.  We'll see how it goes.  I'll tell you what though, these roughs sound pretty damn good!

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