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Sunday, April 5, 2009

SXSW Part 3


I woke up damn early and Tim picked me up around 10:30 so we could make it to his solo performance at the Front Gate Tickets Morning After Day "Party."  The party was that shit was free; Evita's Botanitas was making rad tacos, the douche that runs Torchy's was giving away coffee, and some chick in her workout clothes was giving away Bloody Marys.  Nakia and His Southern Cuzins played first and, aside from his voice, was very worthy of the stage in front of City Hall.  Tim Played a nice set right after and soon after he was done, we went and picked up Stepro and headed off to Maria's Taco X-press.  It was the second of two Sin City parties and we rolled in, devoured, and took off.  We started of with The Young Girls and the woman who sang on the album got up and sang with Tim on that number.  The four-piece ripped though the set and after I chugged a Fireman's 4, I took Tim to a coffeeshop so he could use the internet and find out where his second solo gig of the day was to be.  Apparently, the hosts of the party didn't announce the party site until the day of... dumb.  
On his way to the party, he dropped me off at Trophy's where I saw RED FANG! Finally.  They delivered like everyone said they would.  I wish I had jumped on the "new" cd's they had for sale because they sold out of it.  I'm just gonna have to wait for the new one to come out.  After a short talk with John Sherman, I walked down to Jo's (bad service) coffee where I was to meet Tim and direct the van downtown towards our showcase.
We found a rad parking spot and dicked around downtown until our showcase at midnight.  Oh yeah, that's when I saw Metallica at Stubb's.  That's right, suckers.  All I have to say is:
Creeping Death
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Harvester of Sorrow
Broken Beaten Scarred
Sad But True
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Master Of Puppets
Seek and Destroy

It was an amazing set and they played two ...And Justice For All songs they didn't play when I saw them in Novemeber.  Considering I love this band and I feel pretty lucky to have seen this show, I must finally admit to myself and the world that Lars isn't a good drummer.  He was dropping beats left and right but whatever...  I'll listen to the records, like I am right now.  
Back to Habana Calle for the Ground Control booking showcase.  The set with Tim went great except for him breaking a string on his electric and having to play his acoustic the rest of the set.  After enduring a set by Deer Tick, Caulkins and I crashed at my pad... 


Tim picked us up early and we headed to Yard Dog where we did a three-piece set around 12:30pm.  It went really well (natch) and we all went our separate ways because our shows were done.  I had to work at nine o'clock that night so I was into the idea of cold chillin' on the couch or something.  Before I even made it to the couch, Tim texted saying, "We have a gig! 5pm at Jovita's.  Can you do it?"  Though Aaron hadn't been with us at Yard Dog, he was able to make the afternoon gig (despite being a little late).  This was perhaps the funnest gig of the week because all pressure was off and we got to jam and just have fun.  Not that we weren't doing that at the other gigs, but this one just didn't matter.  We knew what we could do and had a great time doing it.  Our seat-of-the-pants version of "Five Years" was better at Jovita's than at Yard Dog when it was sprung on us on stage!  I then drove the band and a bunch of Irish men and women down south, dropped Stepro off up north and went to work at 9pm.  Givin' her for Bob Boone.  Just getting up and going to work everyday.

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