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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Part Five: Nashville

Club Roar. Nashville, TN September 19-24, 2009.


“What’s the coffee sitch?”
“Looking good. Looking Good.”
“Isn’t this great?”
“I wonder if it has a lost and found.”
“Swell wonderment, old chap!”

Our new home. Where we were going to hole up amidst the wasps and get far out. Totally far out. We had all but dug latrines at our battle stations the night before and with the graceful accompaniment of our engineer and master technician Jesse Newport, we began our tone quest in earnest that morning.

We discussed starting with Daily Life. Good. Starting out with the blonde Bassman w/ 2x12 and the Gifson hollowbody with the scar. In my foam fort it sounds good and plunky. With a DI I think it’ll sound good.
Drums, bass, guitars done on Daily Life. Three takes, third one keeper.

Started work on Maid Of The Mist. Got it in two takes.
Timmy tele. Adelaide Watson on 12-string.
Done with Weight Of basics. Two takes. Take two best. Kunkel and Sklar keepers. Ric.
Did Your Mother Teach You That? Take two. Silver Ricky.
What Do You Live For? Quattro Formaggi. Rick Bassman, damn glad to meet you. Double tracked by 6:20. Din Din.

Until It Kills You. The fourth and the final was the keeper. No doubt. Rick Wakeman, bomber pilot.

Just Like Any Problem. RW, BP. Take whatever. 12:00.
Beat The Band. Two takes, second be the keeper. Bombs away.
drum, bass, vox, git fixers.
Dirty Windshield. Two takes, keep the second. Same.
She Takes Her Time. Mary Kay Bomber. Got drum + bass in four takes, last one keeper. 10:11.
Open Letter. Silver Ricky, Master of the Maestro Fuzz. Nobody plays piano in Athens, GA. Scarface and Vitamin jar. Five Takes. Festival Song. Three takes, #3 best. The Stripes. The Perks!

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