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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bojangles is the best fast food ever

The show in Raleigh was good.  People came out despite the show starting at 8:30.  There was an A/C vent pounding my head on stage which annoyed me because I was sick and non-psyched.  We played a rather long set, it was fun, etc...

The drive to Atlanta was long the next day.  That day we ate at Bojangles, which I plan on doing at least once more on this tour.  Cajun filet biscuit, seasoned fries, sweet tea.  Unstoppable.

The show in Atlanta was bleak.  The Earl is a fine club but it was a huge room and not many folks were there.  Some of Tim's family came out, especially his special lady.  For four days of the tour, we were to have a tour manager with us.  I had one of the best nights of sleep in Atlanta.  Sam and I shared a room at the Highland Inn near five points.  WE ate at the Vortex the next day which reminded me that I've eaten there countless times.  It's awesome food with a pretentious menu.  The whole front page of the menu is a lesson on "how to be a customer."  I thought the list of rules the the Star Seeds staff would post on a chalk board was stupid but putting an even more extensive list on the front of the menu is just lame.  Too bad their food is great.

We sauntered up to Athens and I checked into the Holiday Inn when we got to town.  Did some laundry, met the guys at the 40 watt for load in, ate at The Grit, met Cameron back at the room, walked to the gig, ate slices, had a lone star at the 40 watt, drank bourbon in the room.

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