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Friday, February 3, 2012

Craig Finn Tour: Day Two

Our show in Dallas was great. Club Dada sounded great and the crowd was very appreciative. Since they didn't have TW Samuels as their well whiskey, I had to pull a couple of blackteeth after the show. Wasn't the blacktooth invented in Dallas by some metalhead? That a shot of whiskey with a splash of Coke has a name is redneck mixology.
Anyway, had a great breakfast...

Drove to OKC. Got to the dirt lot behind the club and perused the sweet record store next door. I bought a bunch a records from this guy at the Austin Record Convention in October. Should have bought a couple of things. The show at the Conservatory was fine. We're still kneading the set like pizza dough. I need some crushed red pepper. The crowd was awesome, hanging right in there with us and really diggin' the material. 3.2 beer, nasty bathroom and hollow stage aside, we had a good time but we had to leave soon after the gig to haul ass to Wichita to sleep for a few hours.

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