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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Craig Finn Tour: Day Six

Iowa City.
So I've been to Iowa City many times and I've played The Mill at least three times. I had some preconceived notions of how the show would go and I knew that I'd at least get a decent meal out of it. The vibe of that room when you first walk in is that of a 50 year old mom-and-pop steakhouse, which is not very rock and roll. By the end of soundcheck though, the room felt pretty good. Again, a short walk to the hotel so we were able to chill. I had a nap which was AWESOME. The way the performance room of the Mill is set up, almost every person in the full room was sitting down. Thankfully, when we took the stage Craig asked the crowd if they'd come closer, and they did. That changed the whole feel of the scene and is perhaps what's been missing from my previous visits to the Mill.
The gracious bartenders took good care of us and once we loaded out, I stumbled back to the room. Felt good to fall right asleep…the bed in this place was killer. So was the shower. Woke up early enough to get some breakfast downstairs, after which I was feeling pretty darn good. Hit the road for a sold out show in Chicago at the Empty Bottle. Yeehaw.

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