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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Craig Finn Tour: Day Seven


Straight to hotel after boring drive through Illinois. Boring. Greek grub sesh at Pegasus two blocks down from the hotel. Chill in room, go to club, load in. Upon immediate inspection, the Empty Bottle is a classic rock club. Brick walls, straightforward beer selection, corner stage, random (and arguably stupid) objects hanging on the walls, stinky green room. It just had that feel. Grand Champeen should (have) played here. It has a similar vibe to what Emo's "inside" was like. It had been around for nearly as long too. Great little restaurant next door too. I had a salad with grilled romaine, bacon, a poached egg, parmesan (I think) and a good dressing. It came in one of those brown togo boxes you'd find at the build-your-own-salad bar at Whole Foods. I could have eaten twice as much as the portion. James got the Fried Chicken special and said it ruled. It was his birthday and he got a complimentary brownie a la mode. How nice? The set and the crowd were great. We hung out with Bun E. Carlos at a Chuck E. Cheese for some late night Chicago style deep dish. Wile E. Coyote was there too. He was eatin' Chicago dogs though. He fuckin' loves those Chicago dogs, dawg.


Jay said...

No love for Ben E. King?

Bedazzler said...

"The Empty Bottle was half empty, tide was low, and I was thirsty. Saw her sitting at the bar, you know how some girls are, Always making eyes, well she wasn't making eyes."

I love that club.