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Monday, February 13, 2012

Craig Finn Tour: Day Nine


Made it to Columbus for a radio promo deal. Craig and Ricky did it while the rest of us ate cold pizza. There was a really old photo of Magnapop performing at that station and they had a huge bar in the basement. After load-in we ate some craptacular vietnamese food at the North Market. While at the market, I also bought some Jolokia hot sauce which rules!
Great show. The Basement is an afterthought of a club. After talking to my bartender friend Cody (ex- Two Cow Garage), I found out that place is more a venue than a bar, as in it's not open when a band's not playing. Our sound guy Anthony did a great job considering we had a crabcore band rehearsing and performing in the venue directly above the basement. Some band called Down with Webster was pulling Talladega Benchpresses reps right above our heard. Stack and racks, bro. We played well and each show is getting better and better. Each of us are taking chances, which is propelling each of us to play better. Some Guns are gelling and it's quite rewarding. We had first introduced the outtake Once You Roll Over to the set in Detroit and we were going to play it in Columbus but CF decided to skip it. I think it was skipped because the song wasn't quite arranged well enough, it wasn't in quite the right place on the set list and on this evening, CF had some trouble with his tuning pedal which caused a delay.
For the first time in my years of playing Columbus, I did not stay in town and party. Instead, we split town for Richmond, IN to make some time against our long drive to St. Louis. There was a Steak and Shake in the parking lot of our hotel so James and I destroyed some Frisco Melts. Sweet tea to boot. Our room had been freezing when we got there so we cranked to thermostat up to 74 so it would be toasty when we got back from eating. Oh it was toasty. We just should have turned it down before crashing because it was so hot in there that neither of us could sleep. It was like a fucking oven in there and I real didn't get to sleep until about 7:30am. Van call at 10am.

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