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Monday, February 13, 2012

Craig Finn Tour: Day Eleven

Kansas City.

One of the shorter drives of the tour, our four hour jaunt through Missouri got us to Arthur Bryants after the saturday lunch rush. I had the burnt ends sandwich with the BBQ beans. It was pretty good but the general consensus was that Pappy's the day before was better. Many of us wish we had gotten ribs at Arthur Bryants. The sweet tea was fantastic.
Load-in. Soundcheck. Took a heavy nap and woke up in a panic thinking I'd overslept. The freezing ass walk to the club woke me up. I'd wanted to play the Record Bar for years. i think it's a great club. The room set up, the menu (I wish I'd tried some of the food), the staff, etc. The room was packed but really chattery. WTF? Hey, if you want to talk through someone's set that you just paid for, fine I guess. Closed down the Record Bar then went to Stagecoach with Matt Cook and closed it down. Then went back to our room and closed it down.

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