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Friday, November 11, 2011

Coffee of the Week: Handsome's Don Medardo (Honduras)

I went to Houndstooth yesterday because I was told there would be another shipment of the Verve Siberia but alas, there wasn't. Instead, I was recommended the Handsome Coffee Roasters Don Medardo from Santa Barbara, Honduras. It has the Handsome rating of "A" which Paul told me means "adventurous." I brewed two batches of it with the pour over method at home yesterday and I must say that while it didn't seem too adventurous, it was quite delicious. Today I brewed it for me, Jennie, and my sister in the press pot my sister gave me. All three of us share the opinion that its flavors are better represented by the pour over method. The press wasn't bad, just not as revealing. I will have one more pour over and review the flavors.
I am curious about Handsome's grading system. If the Don Medardo is an "A", I will probably go for the "C" class next.

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