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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Coffee Of the Week: Verve's Siberia

On Paul's recommendation Tuesday, I left Houndstooth Coffee with a bag of Verve's Siberia. So Damn good! I recently took apart my Hario Skerton in an attempt to mod it out and even the more course grinds. No such luck. However, I did enough internet research to find a few websites that helped me fine-tune my grinding and pour over techniques so much that I brewed the best cup of coffee I've ever made. Paul said the Siberia (an El Salvadorian bean, which I'm partial to) is an incredible coffee and I'm sure plenty has to do with that factor. However, I went to Frank and had a cup of their pour over intelligentsia and I'll say I bested it. The funny part is that it was Frank's immaculate cup of coffee that inspired me to pursue finer home brewing techniques. Now I just need to keep buying the good stuff. It's always worth the few extra dollars.

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suealex said...

I'm coming over for coffee. I'll bring the coffee cake.