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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Upcoming Gigs!!

I am in, like, five bands and it's starting to get busy around here. Here is my schedule for the upcoming month or two. I'll be updating as I find out more, especially regarding SXSW.

Feb 11 10:30pm
Excited States @ ND w/ fivehead, The Decade Show, Militant Babies

Feb 12
Grand Champeen @ The Hole in the Wall w/ the Mother Hips, Pink Nasty

Feb 16
Past Prayers @ Ghostroom w/ Nic Armstrong, Beta Rhythm

Feb 19
Bremen Riot @ Hole in the Wall w/ Polite Society, Melissa Bryan, Sissy Spaceship

Feb 23 (11pm)
Excited States @ Carousel w/ Why Not Satellite

Feb 25 (9pm)
Grand Champeen @ Club Deville w/ Lil' Cap'n Travis, Boxcar Bandits

Mar 4
Bremen Riot @ Bryce Clifford's House; House Party!!!!!


Mar 15 (8pm)
Grand Champeen @ Hole in the Wall w/ Glossary, Romantica, Vulture Whale, Lil' Cap'n Travis, The Mighty Deerlick/Militant Babies, Bremen Riot

Mar 16 (2:15pm)
Freelan Barons @ Treehouse (501 E. 6th street)

Mar 17 (3pm)
Freelan Barons @ Threadgill's

Mar 17 (5pm)
Grand Champeen @ Trophy's; Ballard day party

Mar 17 (7pm)
Bremen Riot @ Dog and Duck w/ the Minus Five

Mar 18 (7pm)
Freelan Barons @ Taproom @6th w/ Madison Square Gardeners

Mar 18 (10:30pm)
Freelan Barons @ The Treehouse; "We Are Columbus" showcase

Mar 19 (9pm)
Freelan Barons @ Lustre Pearl; official SXSW Showcase

SXSW is over

Mar 31 (12:30am)
Past Prayers @ Hole In The Wall w/ Right or Happy, Austerity Measures

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