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Friday, February 25, 2011

Gigs: Feb 16 & 19

The week of February 13-20 yielded two more gigs in two more of my bands. The first gig took place on Wednesday the 16th at The Ghostroom on 4th Street in Austin. The Ghostroom resides in the building that used to be The Gingerman. I never went to the Gingerman and I'm happy that it is now a quality, unaffiliated venue. Chris Payeur runs sound and really has the place dialed in. They have a great patio too, which is an attractive feature for me when it comes to live music venues.
The show started with Nic Armstrong who I haven't seen play in quite a while. Maybe even since the last Ripe/Grand Champeen show which I think was at Room 710, and 710 doesn't even exist anymore. Nic sounded better than ever, owing much to the addition of a drummer who accentuated his songwriting and gave it more punch. The second band was Beta Rhythm who were pretty powerful. The overdriven keyboards reminded me a little of the first Hot Snakes record, which is great in my book. There was also some Delta 72 in there and if you ever saw them, you understand what i mean when I say "driving."
The Past Prayers set was great. It was our second one and definitely better than the first. What more could you ask for, right? Oh, well, I'll ask for Chris mixing on a sweet Midas Venice.
Our set:

Own Yr Own
Hard Head

I have audio of this show and I hope to soon have video too. I will post as soon as I figure out how. Here's a few photos Jillian Schantz took during our set.

On Saturday the 19, The Bremen Riot played at the Hole In The Wall with Polite Society, Melissa Bryan and Sissy Spaceship (KS). When I walked in Sissy Spaceship was singing about Brit Jones. Right on. The NvsS tradition lives on. Not only did they have great energy and an excitable setlist, they made fantastic posters for the show. Melissa Bryan and Terri Lord rocked out as a duo, leaving the lowest of ends the only thing necessary to complete their punk/rock onslaught. The Polite Society gave a poppy, three-guitar assault with quality hooks delivered the way only a McCarthy brother can. Bremen Riot played fourth and ripped out a forty minute (tops) set comprised mostly of songs from our upcoming release entitled PM Magazine. Set list was as follows:

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