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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I have forgotten a lot of bits

Just hanging out on a Saturday afternoon, trying to get jacked on coffee. I am listening to some of the newest Birds of Avalon tracks. Their new album called Uncanny Valley is weird but great. The few tracks I have of their sessions with Mitch Easter are even more bitchin' but they are super secret "and don't really exist." That's how I understand it anyway.

Earlier today I wrote lyrics for a new song of mine called "Slip Past." I wrote it immediately after I got home from the Easton tour. The first time I picked up the guitar it came pouring out. I had gone almost a whole month without playing guitar and was a little backed up. I was feeling a little pressure to complete the lyrics because I want to play the new song at the Hole in the Wall this week. On Thursday night, I am playing a "solo" set for a "singer/songwriter" night Mike Nicolai put together though I feel the guitarist/songwriter moniker suits me better. The set of 9 songs I will play are mostly new and only one will be a Grand Champeen song. Seven of the songs I'll be playing make up half of the record I have been recording. I am not only looking forward to playing guitar in front of people again, I look forward to performing these unheard songs. I like them and think that y'all will too.

My next post, which I will immediately write, will resume the tour diary. I have forgotten plenty of details which is a strong case for taking taking notes on the road. The last bit of the tour is in the deep south and was spotty anyway...

Today I have also come up with some new riffs for my stoner rock side project with George and Sally.

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