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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back At It

As a major storm rolls into town, Jim and I are taking a break from overdubbing.  Susan Vessel is giving me a detailed doppler report on KEYE.  She's great.  We finished work on "Impossible To Turn Away" just before the rain started coming down.  We were recording vocals in his living room and they storm noise would most certainly have been picked up in the microphone.  Yesterday, we overdubbed bass, acoustic and electric guitar, and organ onto "Impossible."  Though we had already recorded the three former instruments, we had to rerecord them because we edited the drum track on the end of the song.  

After looking at our to-do list, it seems there's not a lot left to record on these songs.  We have a date next week with Rick to overdub percussion which will finish "Drop Me A Line," "Paid The Way," "Mighta Got Caught" and "Flash In The Pan."  I need to make dates with horn players for the second week in April in order to finish "Hard Head" and "Over Before It Started."  There's vocals left on "Cashin' In The Dimes," "Burnin' Out,"  and "Over Before It Started."  There are some back up vocals on "Pining For Verona" and "Over."  After that, Jim needs to play some guitar on "Burnin' Out" and it's time to mix!

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