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Monday, January 26, 2009

Phase One In Which Doris Gets Her Oats

On Saturday we finished tracking all of the drums for the album.  We brought in the fifth and final drummer for the project and he did an exemplary job with the two selected songs.  So that we can continue to keep things vague, let's call this drummer "Tom Kha," or Tom for short.  I had given him demos of "Burnin' Out" and "Cashin' In The Dimes" back in the fall when this project started and he must have listened to them because he came in and nailed each track within three takes.  We were done by 4:30pm and went and had celebratory drinks at Nomad.  
We tackled "Burnin' Out" first for little to no reason at all.  Compared to the demo, the beginning has a longer intro section and and the end has a more decisive resolution.  
After changing a cymbal and adding a rack tom, we set a few levels and ripped out three takes of "Cashing" with the third being the best.  The second take was great and we were gonna use it so we decided to record one more without the "stress" of it having to be "the one" and it turned out better.  Funny how that happens.
It's crazy to think that the drums are all recorded.  Jim and I set a goal of having the majority of recording done by the end of January and that is now a possibility.  Being unemployed has definitely made it possible for me to give the project so much of my attention.  That being said, I have to go back to work so I can pay for quality mastering!  

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