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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Flagging Down Confidence

I learned a good lesson today.  Why complicate the situation?  Jim and I had planned a brief session today and shortly after trying to record some piano parts, the session was aborted.  Today was the start of serious work on "Nine Years," a song with atypical chord changes and relatively complex vocal harmonies.  The seed for this song was a two-chord riff and a series of 7th chords that imply a diminished scale.  While I wrote the whole song on guitar and I knew that I wanted at least this main guitar part in the song, I thought that there needed to be a bunch of piano.  I had written vocal harmonies that would begin during this guitar phrase and then expand during the chorus.  I've been dreading the vocal sessions because I'm not confident about my singing but today I realized that I'm much worse at playing piano than singing.  I learned was that if I wrote the song as a guitar, bass, drums and vocals song, then that's probably what it should be.  I did write a bunch of vocal parts so that a piano could get in the way.  
I wanted to give the song a different feel and not have it rely heavily on guitar and therefore thought piano would be perfect.  Jim helped me realize that the vocal arrangement will be different enough and that it didn't need to be any more complicated.  I also realized I suck at piano if I have to use more than three fingers.  I need to accept that I'm not even really a decent pianist and that I need to stick to guitar and bass.  After this deflating "piano" session I'm ready to sing some harmonies!  Monday...    

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