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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jamming with Edward

The second session for this project was on September 2 when my friend "Eddie Watkins" came to record a couple songs.  I had sent him mp3s so he was slightly primed for the session.  The two that I decided to track were "Repeat the Answers" and one I had written less than a month before called "Pining For Verona."  This session went very smoothly, with Jim setting up microphones and getting sounds while Eddie and I rehearsed the songs.  As before, I was in the "iso" room playing the Jazzmaster through the Crate and delivering a guide vocal.  All the guide vocals suck but some of the guide guitar has a nice quality to it.  
I've been thinking that "Repeat the Answers"  would be a nice lead off to the album... we'll see.  I have an idea for an intro to the song that would be a cool first thing to hear.  So by the end of this session we had seven drum tracks and we had only spent maybe a total of 10 hours recording.  Awesome. 

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